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Boí Taüll becomes the first ski resort in the world with an inclusive permanent changing room

Data of the news: 13-03-2024
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Thanks to this installation, people with bathroom support needs will be able to enjoy the high mountains in better hygiene and health conditions.

This changing room has been supported by the Cambiadores Inclusivos association, promoter of the “Changing Places” movement.


The Vall de Boí resort presents a package of new features that improve accessibility for people with disabilities.

Boí Taüll becomes the first ski resort in the world to install an inclusive permanent changing room. It is also the first space of its kind in Catalonia and the second in the entire Spanish State. Inaugurated on Saturday, March 9, by the president of FGC Turisme, Toni Segarra, and the station director, David Ros, it will considerably improve the experience in the high mountains of those people who have a special need for hygiene.


Today, there are many elderly people, people with functional diversity, chronic illnesses or reduced mobility who cannot access standard bathrooms and need specific hygiene equipment or the assistance of one or two people. The new Boí Taüll changing table has a space of 16 m2 and has all the basic elements to guarantee maximum comfort and cleanliness: a height-adjustable stretcher, a crane that reaches everywhere, a height-adjustable toilet, a shower, a privacy divider, a full-length mirror with a curtain that can be opened and closed as needed, as well as recycling bins and a sanitary device for people with an ostomy.


The president of FGC, Toni Segarra, has confirmed that “Ferrocarrils' commitment is to carry out a policy of continuous improvement of our facilities so that as many people as possible can come to enjoy our facilities and activities 365 days a year. It is our contribution to the territory and our environment.


During the opening ceremony, the new Boí Taüll footbridge was also presented, which makes the core of the station base accessible. This access begins in the P2 car park (where the spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility are already located), and reaches the main terrace, where the services are located. It is 142 meters long and has a maximum slope of 8%, which makes access possible for wheelchairs and other devices. This element represents a great step forward, since previously the central axis was not accessible.


The specific characteristics of the walkway are detailed in sections below:

  • Section 1: Upper parking to the bathrooms on the Cow Boí Terrace. It has a slope of 3.8% and a length of 70 meters. It exceeds a height of 1.75 meters.
  • Section 2: It is located between terraces and has a maximum slope of 8%, with the corresponding breaks. It exceeds a height of 1.65 meters, in a length of 27.27 meters.
  • Section 3: To the tower. It has a tramex section and a construction section. Its maximum slope is 8%, with the corresponding breaks and exceeds a height of 2.35m, in a length of 44.91 meters.

Installation of a magnetic loop

This winter season, in addition, Boí Taüll has installed a magnetic loop in the customer service, designed to facilitate access for people with hearing-sensory functional diversity. These devices represent a technical aid that facilitates hearing for hearing aid or cochlear implant users, since in these systems the sound reaches directly to the hearing aid of the hearing impaired person, who will not hear ambient noise or nearby conversations. other visitors. In this way, the station improves accessibility for people with alternative functionality, who, according to INE data, represent 10% of the population of the Spanish state.


This initiative is part of the Vall de Boí Tourism Sustainability Plan (PSTD), deployed in the Catalan municipality with Next Generation EU funds.

Boí Taüll becomes the first ski resort in the world with an inclusive permanent changing room
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