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Romanesque churches of Vall de Boí

  • Romanesque churches of Vall de Boí 

    The resort is surrounded by the essence of Romanesque art with churches and towns which comprise the Romanesque Churches of Vall de Boí, official UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

    The Romanesque Churches of Vall de Boí include Sant Climent and Santa Maria in Taüll, Sant Joan in Boí, Santa Eulàlia in Erill la Vall, Sant Feliu in Barruera, La Nativitat in Durro, Santa Maria in Cardet, L’Assumpció in Cóll and the hermitage of Sant Quirc in Durro.


    The Romanesque Churches of Vall de Boí are exceptional for the concentration, in a limited space, of such a high number of churches in the same architectural style, conserved over time with few modifications that could have significantly altered their original concept. 

    Vall de Boí is made up of small population centres, each with its own special charm. It consists of small mountain towns with cobblestone streets and wood and stone houses with slate roofs, construction elements from our local environment. The cobblestone streets, narrow and some quite steep, fill up with flowers in spring and summer, and with snow in winter, to the children’s delight.

    These towns maintain the rural Pyrenean, high-mountain spirit and are must-see destinations for their special appeal and beauty:


    • Cóll
    • Cardet
    • Barruera
    • Durro
    • Erill la Vall
    • Boí
    • Taüll


  • Image gallery of the Romanesque Churches of Vall de Boí

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