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Christmas comes packed with activities at FGC Turisme mountain resorts

Data of the news: 21-12-2023
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  • Festive activities for Christmas, New Year's Eve and Epiphany are scheduled for all ages from 23 December to 7 January.


  • The 6 FGC Turisme mountain resorts (La Molina, Vall de Núria, Vallter, Port Ainé, Espot Esquí and Boí Taüll) arrive at the Christmas period with their ski areas open.

The mountain resorts of Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) are celebrating the Christmas holidays with a wide range of activities to enjoy the illusion and magic of Christmas with the family. From 23 December to 7 January, the resorts are offering a range of activities for families, children and adults, making fun in the snow the star attraction.


The Vall de Núria resort offers a wide range of activities for all tastes and ages to enjoy a creative Christmas in the heart of the Pirineu, with the second edition of "Christmas in Vall de Núria". Children can take part in a variety of creative workshops, learn to ski in an easy way or take part in storytelling, among other activities. On 23rd December, the tions that want to become wishes are celebrated with a carol concert. For adults, there are snow groomer rides, full moon and night-time snowshoeing and guided tours of the Rack Railway and Museu del Cremallera  and the historical guided tour of the hermitage and sanctuary.


Outstanding activities Vall de Núria

  • 23 December - Chocolate and la cagada del tió
  • 27th December - The Tions who want to become wishes
  • 28th December - Discovery of the stars by the Parc Astronòmic del Montsec
  • 31st December - New Year's Eve party
  • 5th January - Chocolate and Three Wise Men's Night

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Port Ainé presents a Christmas full of activities to fully enjoy the festivities with the Christmas Festival, with music and good atmosphere as protagonists of these holidays. The Port Ainé Christmas Festival will start on the 24th and will last until the 31st December. It will start with the traditional Christmas "cagar la tronca" celebration on the 24th at 12 noon on the terrace. Continuing with the festive spirit, there will be several musical vermouths with DJ on the terrace of the Clots 2100 cafeteria and, in the evening, there will be organised outings to the Pic de l'Orri with the snow groomer. There will also be a performance by the magician Òscar de la Torre, a magical experience for the whole family. There will also be a fun family sledging competition in the leisure park. And to close the festivities, the Three Wise Men will visit Port Ainé on 4 January, skiing in the resort and at night they will be welcomed with a torchlight descent.


Outstanding activities Port Ainé

  • 24th December - "Caga la tronca"
  • 28 December - Performance by Magician Òscar de la Torre
  • 30th December - Vermouth musical DJ "Paperet de L”
  • 31st December - Departure at dusk on the Pic de l'Orri to say goodbye to the year with a snow groomer
  • 4th January - Arrival of the Three Wise Men

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At La Molina, on 25 December, Father Christmas will ski down the various slopes of the resort throughout the morning to arrive at Pista Llarga, where he will hand out sweets to all the children. In addition, until 4 January, visitors can take part in a draw to win two La Molina sweatshirts and socks by sharing a photo of the Tió on Instagram with the hashtag #NadalLaMolina and tagging @lamolina.


Outstanding activities La Molina

  • 25th December - Father Christmas visit
  • 28th December - IV Encuentra la Llufa
  • 1st January - 73rd Descent for Children
  • 5th January - Arrival of the Three Wise Men

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The Vallter ski resort is celebrating the Christmas holidays with several workshops for the youngest members of the family. On Saturday 23 December, the first of the activities will take place, the "palos de Tió" decoration workshop. The sticks will be prepared with the most original materials so that the following day, 24th December, there will be a children's party with lots of presents for all the children who come to nibble on the Tió. On the morning of 31 December, the station celebrates the last day of the year with music and a simulation of the chimes, at 12 noon, with grapes, cava and lots of music.


Outstanding activities Vallter

  • 23 December - Tió sticks Decoration Workshop
  • 24 December - “Caga Tió“ children's party
  • 27th December and 4th and 6th January - Ski 360° Ski Experience 
  • 28 December - Llufes Workshop
  • 31st December - Farewell 2023!
  • 5th January - Three Kings Lanterns Workshop

All events


The Espot Esquí resort offers a wide variety of activities for the whole family during the Christmas holidays and the arrival of the new year 2024. Highlights include a performance by Magician Òscar de la Torre on 29 December, and a musical vermouth with DJ de la Torre on 3 January. The most magical day will be the arrival of the Three Wise Men on 5 January, with a wine and cheese tasting. Come to Espot Esquí if you want to enjoy magic, music, food and the arrival of the Three Wise Men.


Outstanding activities Espot Esquí

  • 29th December - Performance by Magician Òscar de la Torre
  • 3rd January - Musical Vermouth DJ de la Torre 
  • 5 January - Wine and cheese tasting
  • 5th January - Descent of torches and welcoming of the Three Wise Men

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Alta Ribagorça also celebrates Christmas with activities for everyone. Once again, on Saturday 30 December, Boí Taüll is organizing its traditional torchlight descent from the Cap de Mulleres to the foot of the resort, and on the 31st the year will begin to come to an end at the Terrassa Cow Boí evening party, which will become a dance floor with DJs and a great atmosphere.


Outstanding activities Boí Taüll

  • 24 December - Visit of Santa Claus elves
  • 28 December - Big snowman competition in the Play Area.
  • 30th December - Great Torchlight Descent
  • 31st December - Farewell party for 2023 at the "Terrace Cow Boí with DJ music
  • 2nd January - Visit of the Royal Pages
  • 5th January - Arrival of the Three Wise Men

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Christmas comes packed with activities at FGC Turisme mountain resorts
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