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General terms and conditions and legal notice

  • General terms and conditions and legal notice


    General conditions of season tickets

    1. The acquisition of the ski pass entitles its holder to access and use the facilities of the resort that are open to the public, during its validity, for the practice of winter sports for which the resort is enabled and obliges to comply with the internal rules of operation and safety of the resort and without prejudice to the rules and provisions that apply in general, including the guidelines and instructions of the staff of the resort.


    2. The acquisition of the ski pass implies the knowledge and unconditional acceptance of these General Conditions, the Cancellation Policy and the Rules applicable to the use and enjoyment of the ski passes.


    3. Age ranges. In relation to the conditions that apply according to the age of the user, the personal data that derive will be taken into account, at the time of the acquisition of the ski pass.


    • Infants: up to 6 years
    • Children: 7 to 14 years
    • Adults: 15 to 64 years
    • Veterans I: 65 to 69 years
    • Veterans II: from 70 years


    4. In order to be able to access any offer, the presentation of documentation proving compliance with the conditions indicated for this purpose by the resort will be mandatory, without prejudice to additional accreditations that the resort may require.


    5. No ski pass will be issued without prior verification of personal data and without the resort being able to verify, after accreditation by the user, compliance with the conditions required to benefit from applicable offers or discounts, as well as proof of payment through any of the channels that the resort makes available to customers.


    Once the ski pass has been issued, no changes to it will be permitted.

    6. It will be the customer's responsibility to find out in advance about the offers or discounts that may be adjusted and applied to them. The resort is not obliged to reimburse, in whole or in part, the price of the ski pass due to the customer not being aware of the existence of discounts or offers applicable at the time of acquisition, nor as a consequence of post-acquisition special offer publications that may be more advantageous. The acquisition of the product involves the knowledge by the customer of the applicable conditions, its scope and those related to its use, validity, etc.


    7. The acquisition of the “hands-free” season ticket in any form gives the right to access the resort's ski lift network, according to the conditions of each type of pass.


    8. The physical season ticket format, which incorporates a chip with RFID technology, allows customers to open the access turnstiles of each of the facilities of the ski area according to the pass type.


    9. The price of the ski pass includes that corresponding to the subscription of the Compulsory Passenger Insurance (AOV) and the applicable VAT equivalent to 10%. The price of the ski pass does NOT include insurance coverage for accidents on slopes or occurred at the resort facilities, except those caused directly by ski lifts (AOV), when so proven, in which case those arising from the misuse of the ski lift by the customer or user and those caused by negligence are expressly excluded. The owner of the ski pass or the person who requires the assistance of the resort staff or third parties will be responsible for paying the amount of services and money produced at the resort or its goods or people, with the exception of assumptions indicated above. In this case, it will also be the responsibility of the owner of the ski pass to take out a private personal accident policy to cover it in the event of an accident at the facilities of the resort where the ski pass is used. The resort recommends that customers take out insurance coverage.


    10. All passes, in any form, are personal and non-transferable, except for the company pass, which is transferable and may be used by a maximum of 1 skier per day and per pass. Resale or transfer is prohibited. The transfer, resale, manipulation of the physical pass, misuse, or breach of the obligations of the holder or bearer of the ski pass, is considered a fraudulent act of the holder or bearer of the ski pass. Without prejudice to the legal actions that the resort may take against the holder or against the bearer if different, the fraudulent use or breach of the duties and obligations assumed as the bearer or holder of the ski pass, will entail the immediate withdrawal of the support/ski pass by the resort staff, or in its case, the automatic blocking of the ski pass to prevent access to the resort facilities, without the owner being able to demand any compensation or indemnification.


    11. All season passes, in any form, are subject to the cancellation policy provided for in these General Conditions.


    12. To find out about the types of season tickets, the benefits and where to buy them, consult the Frequently Asked Questions section on the resort's website.


    13. The map of the resort’s tracks, or any information embedded in the support or distribution channel determined by the resort, is merely indicative, especially in terms of the total or partial opening or closing of the ski resort and its facilities. It will be the customer's responsibility to be properly informed of the conditions of use and weather, as well as the occasional updates, related to the opening, closing and condition of the facilities that the resort may issue prior to the start of the day of activity.


    14. In the event of a contradiction between the information contained in track communication, information provided by any other means and track signalling, the prohibition of access or the indication that is more restrictive in each case will always prevail.


    15. To lodge a complaint or inform of any incident in relation to the ski pass/season ticket, the owner must visit the Central Offices and the Information Point of the ski resort, or contact customer service via e-mail: [email protected]


    16. The application of these General Conditions will be subject to compliance with the instructions issued by the resort staff in the event of incidents affecting the safety of the installation.


    Cancellation policy

    The resort will not reimburse, in whole or in part, the amount of the ski pass purchased, for any reason or contingency arising from the snow, environmental or weather conditions that prevent or limit the use of the ski pass in their domain, regardless of the temporality of the affectation or contingency.


    The Boí Taüll ski passes purchased on the website or at the resort ticket offices are hands-free and available, which means that they can be used on any day of the current season. They will not be valid outside of these dates.

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